Optical Lens Installation Guide

Installing lenses into our optical compatible frames, a helpful guide for lens installations :

Being timber, the Duskies optical compatible frames do need to be handled with care when installing lenses. 

Each of our optical frames will have a special small screw point at the top on either side of the frame.  Your optician would just need to gently unscrew these to open up the frame slightly to allow easily installation and fit the prescription lenses.

The lenses should be cut and fitted just perfectly to ensure they are not too tight as the optical screws should never be overtightened. 

The lenses should not be popped in without unscrewing the frame first.

Please note OUR FRAMES are NOT Plastic or Acetate with a WOOD LOOK so please do not try and pressure a lens into them as you would with plastic. The Duskies are made from real timber often laminated for added strength.