Each pair of Duskies has been handcrafted from specially chosen sustainable materials. This season’s collection has been crafted from woods such as Walnut, Rosewood, Pear, Zebrano, Ebony and Canadian Maple wood. The Canadian Maple wood is cut into 1-2mm veneers, it is then layered and laminated.

The eyewear is then crafted to create the popular grainy effects as well as some styles offering a coloured layer effect.

Due to the nature of wood and wood grains, every pair of Duskies is unique.

Any natural material used in the process is renewable and free from harmful or toxic materials. 

Throughout the range you will also find some recycled aluminium and cotton acetate frames or tips.


We have used some metal features in our designs for a fashionable forward thinking approach. Some styles have been crafted using acetate tips in brown tortoise as well as black for comfort and added style.

All of our woods are certified (FSC) FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL, confirming sustainable woods harvested and sourced from accredited and supervised plantations, or are recycled timbers.


Within the Duskies range we offer some optical frames where the customer can have their local optician fit a suitable prescription lens or tinted prescription lens for their requirements.  Some of our customers that require to have prescription frames often like to purchase 2 of their favourite Duskies frames so they can have 1 as a reading glass and the other as a tinted prescription sunglass for when out and about or reading at the beach. 


Each pair of Duskies Eco-Eyewear is set with Silver spring loaded German hinges, these are stainless steel and waterproof. This adds to the comfort and durability of the sunglasses as they will expand to fix fittingly on a range of different face shapes and sizes.


We use European standard (CE) TAC polarised lenses with (UV400) 100% UVA/UVB protection. Polarisation helps to reduce glare on bright sunny days and out on the water. We mostly offer a grey lens however on some styles we have a light brown lens to cover a wider customer preference.

Following the final sanding process, we use a natural beeswax type of varnish to seal and preserve the timber for long lasting endurance against the elements.

Most of our Duskies styles of course float due to the buoyancy effect of wood.


With each new collection we strive to bring you the latest in fashion and design, bringing unique styles as well as our standard favourites. 

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